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NexosNY - Privacy Statement

Last Update 12/May/2006

Nonpublic personal information collected by Nexos NY Group
The majority of the information that we collect is obtained directly from you and our representative. This information is gathered during the application process and any subsequent transactions. Such transactions may include endorsement requests, telephone interviews, calls to the customer service department and inquiries via e-mail. Nexos NY Group may also obtain information about you from third parties. Examples of third parties are inspection agencies; credit agencies, independent adjusters, other financing, consulting and brokerage companies, public records, law enforcement agencies, as well as industry based statistical reporting agencies. We do not currently collect any personal information about you, by using cookies (Cookies are a way to track visitors to a web site) or any other means, when you visit our web site. The information gathered is used only to assist us in the underwriting and application process.

Nonpublic personal financial information that Nexos NY Group discloses
We share your nonpublic personal information with third parties as permitted by law. This information is only shared for the purpose of underwriting, and as mandated by state laws and regulations. The following are examples of whom we will share your nonpublic personal information with:
Nexos NY Group
Statistical agencies
Peer review companies
Arbitration organizations
Adjusters and appraisers
Other insurance brokers
Those who have an insurable interest (mortgagees, lien holders)
Our attorneys
Anyone as required by subpoenas or other court required releases
Affiliated third parties (Nexos NY Group and Independent Adjusters)
This is not an exhaustive list, but it is intended to represent the types of third parties with whom we share information.

How Nexos NY Group protects and maintains nonpublic personal information
We have in place policies and procedures designed to protect your information regardless of it being in paper or electronic format. We limit our employees' access to those who require it to perform their daily functions. We will continue to educate our staff on the importance of, and need for, confidentiality. We state in our organization agreement that representatives are to protect and maintain the information that they have access to and to use the same only for the business that you have with them. Nexos NY Group has also taken necessary measures to secure our computers and the information they contain.

In conclusion
Your privacy is a right and Nexos NY Group respects that right. We will use nonpublic personal information as needed to conduct our business during the time you are a customer or consumer. We will not share your nonpublic financial information other than to conduct our business. We will comply with all state and federal laws and regulations that protect your right of privacy. We are privileged to have you as a customer and appreciate your business.

The choice is yours:
Nonpublic financial information opt out
In this notice, we have explained Nexos NY Group’s policy on privacy. We do not share information about you with nonaffiliated third parties other than as permitted by law. We reserve the right to share nonpublic financial information (name, address, phone number, payment history and claims history).
You have the right to opt out of any future sharing of this information. If you decide to opt out, you make the choice for all participants on your policy. By opting out, we will not share such information with nonaffiliated third parties other than those previously stated in this disclosure.





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